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Startup & Branding Service

Do you finally have your own business and want to spread the word?


You want to get your small business off the ground and you know the best way is to make yourself known, but the thought of taking your picture makes you shudder? Don't want to be guilty of vanity?


You know what? I don't like fake photos with forced smiles either. I prefer the ones that are spontaneous, the ones that really capture your personality.


And it's not about vanity! There is nothing wrong with showing who you are and what you do.

You can tell your story in a natural and authentic way by staying yourself. You just need the right images that you can recognize yourself in and that tell how you work.

Tazze usa e getta

What is this?

The branding service provides a package of images.

Visual content that you can use online, to curate your website, blog and social media pages, and offline to enrich catalogs or presentations.

It is designed specifically for you, taking into account your attitudes and your audience. This way, your customers will know what's behind your work and will be able to understand immediately what your values are and why they should choose it.

It's for you if...

  • you are a freelancer, a startup or a small company;

  • you are an agency and you deal with your clients' communication;

  • you've just started your business or are in the process of rebranding your brand;

  • you want to show off all your professionalism while keeping up.

How does it work?

It's a process that starts with listening.

Before I take your picture, I need to get to know you better.

That is why we will meet at least once in person or by phone, so that you can tell me about yourself and your work.

I'm going to ask you for an advance and I'm going to ask you a few questions. What brings you to me? What do you want to communicate?

Only after these aspects are clear can the project take shape.

The project

My favorite part: thinking of images that fit your personality and what you want to convey.


Basically, after talking to you, I work out the technical details: I decide where to shoot, what kind of lighting to use, and if I should use props.

I collect all the ideas, create a framework and add some inspirational images. 

If you like the project, all that's left is to schedule the photo session.

The actual session will take place in half a day (about 4 hours) where we will take portraits and custom images representative of your products or services. 

It can take place in your work environment or somewhere close to your heart.

What do you receive?

Unique and original images, according to your style and personality, that allow you to communicate your business in a coherent way and get in touch with your clients.


The images created will be post-produced and pre-cropped according to the Social you prefer to use (for Instagram we will use the square format, for Facebook the rectangular or narrower one, for the Page banner, etc...).


They will all be delivered in jpg format, ready to use and sent via WeTransfer directly to your email address.

The variety of images will be able to convey your message, the values you wish to express and believe in.

How much does it cost?

Below you will find three packages that include different amounts of pictures.


30 images pack - Monthly or bimonthly (one publication a day for a month or one publication every other day for two months)

Duration of the photo session: about 2 hours

Delivery within 10 working days

Price: euro 500,00


60 images pack - one publication per day for two months or one publication every other day for four months

Duration of the photo shoot: about 2-3 hours

Delivery within 10 working days

Price: 800,00 Euros


90 images pack - one publication every day for three months or one publication every other day for six months

Duration of the photo shoot: about 3-4 hours

Delivery within 10 working days

Price: euro 1200.00 

Rights and payment

Usage rights are assigned without time limit.

Payment will be made by bank transfer within 24 hours before the photo session.

Let's Work Together




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